When “Throwing It In” Just Won’t Do

We Do Auto Air Conditioning The Way You Care For Your Car…… “Neat & Clean”

Complete Installations, Aftermarket/OEM Line Marriages, Repairs

Full Hardline Installation

Billet Louvers & Control Assemblies, Polished Compressors & Fittings, Billet Mounts, Chrome Components

We Stock Many Parts & Units From Vintage Air, Old Air Products, Billet Specialties, Alan Grove, Bill’s Hot Rods, And Many Others.

We Have A Huge Stock Of Fittings And Hose And Can Build To Your Spec’s

Tired Of Looking At All Those Hoses And That Mess Of Wiring? Let Us Clean It Up and/or hide them from view. If it weren’t so cold, you would hardly know its there.

1351 E. Borchard Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92705